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RB power & sailing of Raoul Bianchetti 217/13 Moo 12 Thepprasit road Soi 15
Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20260

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High Quality and Low price: RB Thailand Boat builder manufacturer

Thanks to our low prices and high quality, we sell sailing and power boats vessell yacht ship cutter catamarans in Italy Thailand Greece France German Japan Australia Holland England Malta Denmark Canada Philippines USA
All boats are factory priced and can be delivered worldwide including Thailand flag. Save 40% or more on the market price thanks to the low labor costs in Thailand.
The italian manager Raoul Bianchetti (ex chief carpenter of "Victory & Stein Italy"), has developed his experience since 1986, bulilding a huge range of vessels in different countries.

  • Our boat are made with wood fiberglass teak stainless steel
  • Boat exporter in different countries Italy Greece France German Japan Australia Holland England Malta Denmark Canada Philippines USA
  • 36 Thai carpenters, painters, furniture makers, model makers
  • Pattaya 2,400 sq. m. of boats parking
  • Our boatyard is located at Pattaya 3,200 sq. m.
  • Designs Know how molds models and production for other boatyard or broker
  • Over 70 suppliers for upholstery, stainless steel and general metal works including aluminum and bronze casting
  • Customized sailing or power boat
  • Standard sailing or power boat vessel yacht ship cutter catamarans
  • Boats Showroom in Bangkok: Rama II.
  • customers plan, or Our construction plans, ready to start

Boat Parking Pattaya Thailand service:

  • 80 boats, until 25 m
  • indoor parking
  • LiveCam automatic battery charger
  • cleaning
  • launching
  • maintenace service
  • 24H security
  • Insurance
  • Convenient location on main road 2,5 km from Ocean Marina
  • 2,400 sq. m. of boats parking






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Italian quality Thailand prices for
your customized catamarans
and all type of boat

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RB Catamarans builder

Catamaran designRB power & sailing Pattaya Thailand Unique opportunities to purchase a "Ready to Go" Sailing Cat with affordable price, directly from the factory.
CatamaranCatamaran ready to go

RB Boatyard place

Catamaran  under constructionOur Yard is located at Pattaya, one of the main tourist destinations of Thailand. That makes building at our yard not only attractive because of our prices and workmanship but also because of the beautiful surrounding.
We have an experienced team of Thai workers. For difficult jobs we use the services of Foreign workers (American, Belgian etc.) as well. We are like a big family, many workers live at our yard. If you like to become a part of the family by working yourself on the boat, we can arrange a permit and the accomodation for you.

  • Boats are standard delivered ex factory or in Pattaya Bay
  • Long distance delivery is possible, please inquire for a ball park quotation
  • For all our boats, Thailand flag and registration is always available. - Thai flagged boats are allowed an unlimited stay in local waters and widely welcome in most countries

Catamaran on wikipedia

A catamaran (from Tamil kattu "to tie" and maram "wood, tree") is a type of boat or ship consisting of two hulls joined by a frame. Catamarans can be sail- or engine-powered. The catamaran was the invention of the paravas, a fishing community in the southern coast of Tamil Nadu, India. Catamarans were used by the ancient Tamil Chola dynasty as early as the 5th century AD for moving their fleets to conquer such Southeast Asian regions as Burma, Indonesia and Malaysia. Catamarans are a relatively recent design of boat for both leisure and sport sailing, Catamaran on Wikipedia



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