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Laser Ultrasonic Hot Air welding sewing flatbed cutting Plotter Pantograph
for acrylic, plastic and industrial fabrics for Blind & Awning industry



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Cutting plotter and awning machines

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SMRE Engineering is a italian manufacturer of robotized automatic machines for fabrics cutting and for all processing on textile awning and blind industry.

SMRE Engineering is a state-of-the-art and innovative company active in the field of sale and production of single machines and complete systems for the textile industry for machining fabrics. We can carry out each single phase of manufacturing, from design (project) to construction and testing, followed by assembly and installation. Of course we can also provide our customers with servicing and maintenance activities in case of breakdowns or problems with the automatic machines or production systems

We can supply innovative Industrial Sewing Machines
Hot Air Acrylic plastic industrial fabrics Welding Machines and cutting plotter for the Awning and blind Maker

Manufacturer and Seller of machines for textile industry

  • fabrics industrial cutting machines

    • SM.400.TA Ultrasonic cutting system for awning Automatic or semi-automatic cutting of acrylic and coated fabrics
      Ultrasounds Cutting machine
    • SM.300.TA cad / cam fixed laser ultrasonic blade cutting multi-tools plotter
      Full cut plotter
    • SM.320.TA Conveyor cad / cam laser ultrasonic blade multi tools flatbed cutting plotter
      Full cut plotter
    • SM.420.TA ultrasonic or cold cutter semi-automated workbench for squaring and cutting fabrics

    • SM.TLM.05 laser-beam valance cutting and shaping machine with automatic color recognition system
      Laser cutting shaping machine

  • Welding machines for fabrics and syntethics materials (plastic)

    • SM.200.SA ultrasonic automatic welding industrial machines
      Ultrasonic welding machine
    • SM.210.SA Ultrasonic, rotary hot hair and ®LIQUID GLUE welding machine with ®ROTOSONIC system for PVC, Syntethic fabrics, screen fabrics, nonwoven textiles TNT
      Ultrasonic hot-hair machine
  • Automatic industrial sewing machines

    • SM.100.CA automatic linear sewing machine for awnings, technical curtains, festoon blinds, membrane structure (air frame and tensile supported)

      Linear sewing machine
    • SM.120.CA Automatic machine for sewing plastic spline with roller table
      Automatic machine for sewing plastic spline
  • SM. MG .120/350.04 Vertical motorized warehouse for fabrics
    Vertical warehouse

  • automatic pantograph for textile intustry


SMRE makes automatic robotised machines for the textile industry for machining and cutting fabrics. They are marketed both in Italy and abroad. High levels of automation are reached in the production and cutting of end-products such as awnings, curtains, mosquito netting, valances and so on.
Our machines are the ideal solution for precision-cutting of fabrics and materials with a wide range of specifications. Our machines are designed to be unique in their kind and capable of resolving all the problems and cutting needs encountered during production, whether on an industrial scale or crafted.

Our fully computerized machines are the ideal solution for all maker that need to cut weld or sew all type of industrial fabrics or synthetics materials as pvc, acrylic, nonwoven textiles, resin-coated fabrics, micro-preforated fabrics,TNT.

S.M.R.E. srl
Cutting plotter and awning machines

Via del Vignola, 4/G – 06019
Umbertide (Perugia) Italy

Tel: +39 075 9306500
Fax: +39 075 9306537

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Our firm SMRE sell automatic high quality cutting, welding, sewing machines for acrylic, plastic and industrial fabrics all the World:
Melbourne Australia South Africa Cape Town Canada Ottawa USA United States Washington New York Brazil Brasilia United Kingdom London Turkey Ankara Tunisia Tunis Spain Madrid South Africa Mexico Mexico City Greece Athens France Paris Egypt Cairo Cuba Havana Argentina Buenos Aires Germany Berlin India New Delhi

We are currently looking for an Agent, Distributor wholesaler or dealer for South Africa Cape town.


Example of complete system

insect screen production


  • SM.IPZ.05 automatic complete system for insect screen production
  • SM.520.ZZ Automatic system for manufacturing insect screens in 6 mt bars
  • SM.550.TA semi-automatic system for mosquito nets

Semi automatic system for insect screen production


Industrial systems and machines for welding cutting or sewing fabrics and for the production of:

  • awning
  • Blinds, roller blinds, internal blinds, technical blinds
  • curtains, technical curtains
  • pelmets
  • valance
  • Parachutes, paragliders,
  • sails, kite surfers
  • nonwoven textiles TNT
  • Fabric Membrane structures (air supported, frame supported and tensile supported)
  • Truck curtains truck cover
  • Swimming Pool covers
  • screen fabrics
  • insect screen
  • inflatable boats

SMRE Engineering design and install complete automatic systems for industrial production and machining lines for fabrics, with special regard for all maker of sun awnings, curtains, mosquito netting, tensioned structures, carpeting and technical coverings, for those we have dedicated multi tools machines and we produce special patented solutions for improving productivity and quality with the smallest investment. .
We design and assemble automatic industrial systems featuring a high level of versatility and reliable and innovative technology, thanks to continuous investment of resources in the field of design using the most powerful modelling and design software currently available on the market.

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